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Odor Eliminating Soap for Uncircumcised Men

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  • The first and only soap that is designed specifically for eliminating and preventing odor and smegma under the foreskin of uncircumcised men.
  • Made with natural antibacterial ingredients. See below for more info.
  • 100% guaranteed. If our soap doesn’t help you then we will give you your money back, no questions asked.
  • Discreet shipping. The shipping label will only say OESUP.


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Ingredients and How It Works

Ingredients and How It Works

Regular soap doesn't work for uncircumcised men!

The yellow substance in the illustration below is called smegma and it is a mix of dead cells, sebum (oil), and other substances that can get under the foreskin like urine and semen.

When all of this combines with the warm, moist environment under the foreskin it creates a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and fungi. This can become extremely foul-smelling, kind of like a mix of sour, rotten milk and moldy, rancid cheese.

Not the kind of smell that men want down there!

With OESUP you can remove the substances that cause a foul odor and keep it away longer!

Before Cleaning


Cleaning With Regular Soap


Cleaning With OESUP

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How to Use

How To Use

The most important thing to do when using OESUP is to thoroughly dry your penis after washing! No matter what kind of soap or cologne you use on yourself if you do not completely dry yourself after showering it will smell!

  1. Thoroughly clean yourself with the OESUP soap. Make sure to clean all around the head of the penis as well as the part of your foreskin that fold over the head.
  2. Pat the area under your foreskin dry with a clean towel. Again, make sure to pay extra attention to the part underneath the head of the penis.
  3. Now you can either air dry or use a blow dryer. Using a blow dryer takes only a minute or so and air drying will take about 5-10 minutes. Pull your foreskin back and blow dry until fully dry or, if you are air drying, just pull your foreskin back for 5-10 minutes and hold until fully dry (you can keep it pulled back while you brush your teeth or shave in the morning and kill two birds with one stone). Your skin should feel smooth and your fingers should be able to brush against the skin under the foreskin with no friction.

For more detailed instruction click here.



As a teenager you know that you don't smell great down there but, frankly, it just doesn't affect your life that much. But that changes when you start thinking about girls! You have probably done everything you can to smell your best down there but nothing ever seems to work. Whether you gave up, just started looking, or having been searching for help for a long time you have finally found the answer. OESUP can help!

When I first ran into this issue I couldn't believe that there wasn't some kind of product out there that helped guys like me. Uncircumcised guys aren't the majority in the United States but there are defintely plenty of us! I promised myself I would find a solution but it's an embarassing topic to talk to your friends and family about so I had to do my own research.

Luckily I am very close friends with a dermatologist. We created a formula that eliminates and prevents odors and is good for your skin too. With OESUP you'll feel cleaner and you're partner will be much happier too!



Does this work for circumcised men?

Yes, it most certainly does. It will help with odor just as effectively.

Can I use OESUP on other parts of the body?

Yes, absolutely. The antibacterial and antifungal properties in OESUP make it work great for any part of the body.

Can women use OESUP?

Yes. Our formula is completely safe for female use!

If you have any other questions please email us at!

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  1. JR
  2. VB

    it needs a liquid pump

  3. DB

    I would say just the price for how much you get

  4. A

    Works better than others in the market!

  5. A

    if you follow protocol, of rubbing and cleaning and drying correctly it actually works. Im bumped about the price and size though (reason why I give it a 4). It’s a normal size soap bar but if this is something I am going to buy every month or less, than price seems a lot. you want to retain your clients not lose them. It does work though!