OESUP Instructions


Washing with OESUP is simple, retract the foreskin, create a sizable lather with the soap, and clean. But there are two things that should be kept in mind while washing.

Firstly, make sure to pay extra close attention to the area underneath the head where the foreskin attaches to the head of the penis. This piece of skin is called the frenulum. Pinching two fingers against both sides of the frenulum and rubbing is an effective way to clean this area.

Second, the foreskin needs to be cleaned as thoroughly as the head. Specifically, the part of the foreskin that folds over the head when not retracted. This area of skin is what actually produces smegma so if it is not cleaned properly an odor will remain. Fully retract your foreskin and wash everything you see thoroughly.


Just washing with the OESUP soap will produce odor eliminating results better than any other soap, but in order to completely remove odor you must also thoroughly dry after each use. This means getting all of the moisture out of the skin.

After towel drying the skin is not wet but not completely dry either. Water is still trapped inside the skin and because of this little bit of moisture bacteria is able to come back much faster. So you want to do the extra step of either air drying or blow drying after toweling drying.

Most of the exposed parts of your skin like arms and legs are at the level of dryness throughout the day that you should aim to get your foreskin to. The skin is thoroughly dry and not holding in much moisture except for natural oils. There is no friction when touching the skin. This means that if you rub the skin with your fingers they slide across very smoothly.

Options for Drying:

There are two ways to dry thoroughly: air drying or blow drying.

Blow drying takes about 1-2 minutes. After washing with OESUP use a clean towel to pat yourself dry then use a blow dryer with the cool setting selected. Keep the blow dryer about a foot away and dry around the entire head of the penis and pay extra attention to the frenulum (the part underneath the head of the penis that connects to the foreskin) and to the foreskin itself. Dry until thorough dryness achieved.

Air drying takes about 10 minutes.  After washing with OESUP towel dry with a clean towel, retract the foreskin completely, and hold. This does have to be done in a dry room however, so a humid bathroom full of steam after a hot shower will not work. Again pay extra attention to the frenulum.

Soon after drying the skin will become moisturized again. The foreskin does this very quickly and it is normal. Luckily you only need to achieve through dryness temporarily to eliminate odor.

Staying Fresh

After using OESUP there a few things that can be done to stay odor free as long as possible.

  • Avoid sweating
  • Make sure to clean thoroughly after urinating and avoid urinary dribbling
  • Clean off any foreign material (especially after sex) as soon as possible and dry as much as possible after washing
  • Wear underwear and pants that are made from breathable material like cotton
  • Keep pubic hair trimmed

The Result:

OESUP takes full effect after about 3-6 uses and its effects will last for a few days even if a different soap is used (as long as you continue to dry thoroughly every time you wash). OESUP will work if you only want to use it on specific days, but the results are much better when the soap is used consistently.