How to Use Soap Properly When Washing Your Penis

Most people don’t talk about washing their penises correctly as a hygienic requirement, deeming it taboo. Improper penis cleaning exposes you to several health problems, so you should learn how to wash your genitals. The trick is in the technique and products you use, so OESUP LLC has introduced a soap for uncircumcised penises. Our specially developed soap flushes out dirt, oils, and bacteria, keeping your penis odorless.

Common Foreskin Health problems

The foreskin covers the glans area of your penis but can harbor dirt and germs that cause health problems. You can avoid the following common foreskin health problems with proper penis cleaning.


Smegma involves an oil and dead skin build-up under the foreskin of uncircumcised males. The substance build-up can harden and irritate the genital area. If left unattended, smegma can result in a foul smell which you can easily deal with through proper penis cleaning.


Forced retraction of the foreskin to expose the glans can cause inflammation in the genital area. You can also experience inflammation from irritants in perfumed soap and bacteria. The right soap takes care of the bacteria and does not cause inflammation.


Foreskin infections are common in males who don’t wash their foreskin area, leading to smegma build-up. Infections like balanitis and posthitis result from poor hygiene, cause irritation, and lead to a bad smell. To heal completely, you should clean the infected area to deal with bacteria and smegma build-up.

Steps to Properly Wash Your Penis Using Soap

Proper penis cleaning contributes to proper hygiene and ensures you do not have an odor. Here is a step-by-step process to properly wash your penis using soap:

Step 1: Pick the Right Soap

Most soaps come with perfumes and chemicals, which can be too harsh for your skin. The foreskin is quite sensitive, and such soaps can cause inflammation and irritation. You can avoid such discomfort by cleaning with the right soap.

OESUP is a mild soap containing essential minerals like tetrasodium EDTA and willow bark extract. These minerals add natural cleaning agents that are perfect for sensitive skin and to deep clean the smaller pores in the glans in a way no other soap can.

Step 2: Save Your Penis for Last When Bathing

You will most likely clean your penis when bathing, but save your genitals for last. Bathe the rest of your body as you normally would before focusing on the penis. This avoids dirt from other body parts accumulating in your foreskin after you have cleaned it.

With an uncircumcised penis, retract the foreskin far enough to expose the glans. Be careful not to pull it beyond its natural point since it can scar sensitive tissue in the region.

Apply soap under the foreskin and rinse away soap and debris that might collect in the area. Remember to return the foreskin to the natural position to protect the glans.

Use Our Soap for Uncircumcised Penis for the Best Results

Proper penis cleaning avoids odors while preventing infections and inflammation in the area. Using a specific soap for uncircumcised penis can help deal with smegma for a hygienic penis.

OESUP LLC has introduced the best odor-eliminating soap for uncircumcised males. The soap’s antibacterial properties kill bacteria and fungus while re-moisturizing the foreskin area.

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