Important Things to Know About Male Hygiene

When many people think about penile hygiene, they tend to focus on infections such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Penile hygiene is also about encouraging cleanliness to avoid the buildup of bacteria and smegma. Uncircumcised men should take special care of their foreskin to prevent unpleasant odors and diseases. Antibacterial soap for uncircumcised men helps to eliminate smegma and odors.

At OESUP LLC, we provide a mild antibacterial soap effective for cleaning smegma under your foreskin. Here is more information about uncircumcised male penile hygiene: 

Why Men Should Care About Penile Hygiene

Cleaning your genitals keeps them healthy and free of odor. It eliminates excessive smegma, a natural substance composed of dead cells and skin oils that lubricate the foreskin. If you have too much smegma accumulation, you can experience an unpleasant odor and irritation. This is uncomfortable and can result in the penis head becoming inflamed and red.  

Excessive smegma encourages the growth of bacteria that causes infections. You can transmit these infections to your partner during sexual intercourse. Good hygiene prevents you from acquiring and spreading bacterial infections. 

You should wash your penis using warm water and an antibacterial soap every day in order to kill bacteria and eliminate smegma. At OESUP LLC, we have an odor-eliminating soap made from natural antibacterial ingredients. This soap cleans out all the smegma and leaves your foreskin fresh and odorless.

How to Wash Your Genitals With the Antibacterial Soap

Washing your genitals is an easy process. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  • Start by washing around the base of your penis, pubic mound, and the skin between your thighs. These are areas that accumulate sweat resulting in odors.
  • Follow up with cleaning your shaft.
  • If you have a foreskin, gently pull it back and apply the mild antibacterial soap. This helps to clean up the smegma and leave the skin below your foreskin fresh.
  • Gently and thoroughly clean under and all around your foreskin and rinse all the soap with warm water.
  • Return the foreskin to its normal position.
  • Clean your scrotum and its surrounding area.
  • Use a clean towel to dry your genitals.
  • Air dry or blow dry until the skin under your foreskin is completely dry.

Tips When Cleaning Your Genitals

Avoid Using Regular Soap

Regular soap can irritate your genitals and cause infections. Use mild antibacterial genital soaps that clear your smegma and are not harsh on your genital area.

Don’t Over Wash

Over-washing your genitals deplete oils from your foreskin’s inner lining. This can cause non-specific dermatitis or yeast overgrowth.

If you take a bath more than once a day, only use the antibacterial soap once. This prevents taking out all the healthy oils under your foreskin. Any residual soap during cleaning needs to be rinsed before returning your foreskin to its position. 

Get Antibacterial Soap for Uncircumcised Men

Get the best antibacterial soap for uncircumcised men to encourage healthy penile hygiene. At OESUP LLC, we offer a quality antibacterial and antifungal soap for uncircumcised men. 

Our soap is made from natural ingredients and prevents the buildup of smegma and bacteria under your foreskin. It leaves your penis fresh and odorless. Sign up to order your OESUP.

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