Things You Should Avoid When Washing Your Penis

Maintaining good penile hygiene can help you prevent health problems like infections and enhance your well-being. Clean your penis regularly using the right soap to prevent irritation and soreness. OESUP LLC offers the best men’s soap for uncircumcised penis skin; it’s specially formulated to help you eliminate odor and smegma under the foreskin. Here are common mistakes we urge men to avoid when cleaning their penises.

Using Regular Soap

Regular soaps may contain ingredients like triclosan, lye, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which aren’t ideal for delicate areas such as the penis. These chemicals can cause dry skin, irritation, and inflammation. You should use mild soaps to prevent adverse reactions and discomfort.

OESUP is the ideal soap for penis cleaning because it contains natural ingredients. Our soap contains salicylic acid, which can be sourced from the bark of willow trees, and activated charcoal, which can be made from wood pulp, coal, and coconut shells. We also use tetrasodium EDTA, a safe preservative, to prevent rancidity so your soap can serve you for a longer time.

Using Perfumed Soaps and Moisturizers

Scented soaps may be sweet-smelling, but they aren’t worth the complications they can cause. These soaps may contain artificial compounds that can cause a pH imbalance in your penis. The imbalance can cause infections, or dry the penis’ mucosal lining, causing discomfort. Artificial moisturizers may feel good between your fingers but can cause irritations. Avoid scented soaps and moisturizers to prevent infections.

Our soap contains natural sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, which can re-moisturize your penis, eliminating the need for artificial moisturizers. The soap isn’t scented, so you can forget the pesky infections or irritations.

Not Cleaning Under the Foreskin

Since the foreskin is warm and moist, it can harbor fungi and bacteria if you don’t clean it well. Substances like sebum, semen, and urine can also accumulate on the foreskin, causing odors, inflammation, or infections. Pay special attention to this area when showering.

OESUP can help you take proper care of your foreskin. The soap contains natural ingredients like salicylic acid, which can penetrate deep into your foreskin’s pores and remove the semen, urine, and sebum buildup. It also contains natural moisturizers like palm kernelate and sunflower oil, which can prevent smegma buildup.

Cleaning the Penis First

You may push dirt from the rest of your body to your penis if you clean it first. Dirt buildup on the foreskin can cause soreness, discomfort, and an unpleasant smell. Always start by cleaning the rest of your body and finish with the penis. Retract the foreskin fully, apply soap, and rinse the area thoroughly to eliminate all the dirt that might accumulate under the foreskin. And always make sure to dry thoroughly after each wash.

Buy Soap for Uncircumcised Penis

Men can make mistakes like ignoring the foreskin and using regular, scented soaps to clean their penises. This can increase the risk of infections, inflammation, and odors. Use soap for an uncircumcised penis to clean the area under your foreskin and avoid such problems.

OESUP LLC provides the best soap for uncircumcised men. Our specially-formulated soap can prevent odors, infections, and discomfort from poor hygiene. Try our soap today to keep your penis clean and odorless.

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